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Default How to Set Up A Sub-domain

(1). Enter your control panel at www.yourdomain/cpanel and click on the "SubDomains" under the listing "Site Management Tools".

(2). Then enter the name you want for your sub-domain in the box privided there.

(3). If you receive the following error when you press "Add" -

"ndc: reload command successful
DOMAIN.COM could not be modified because it does not resolve to a valid ip address. Please ask the system admin to check their resolv.conf and their dns trust relationship Ignore any messages of success this can only result in failure!"

Then to correct this problem:

- If this domain was recently created, you must wait for it to propagate. This could take 24 to 72 hours.

- If the domain has fully propagated [that means you can access your site by typing in your domain name into your browser], then it could mean that sub-domains aren't setup on this end. Please email us and ask us to turn them on for you.

Uploading to your subdomain -

Now after you have successfully created your subdomain via your Control Panel, you must upload to that directory. If you created the subdomain of sub.domain.com, then the directory of me lives at yourdomain.com/sub. You upload to /public_html/sub/.

Accessing your subdomain -

After you have uploaded your site to your subdomain, you can then access that site in 2 ways -

(1). You can access that site via yourdomain.com/sub or

(2). sub.yourdomain.com.

You CANNOT access your subdomain via www.sub.domain.com. Here the "www" is actually a type of subdomain in itself. So remember to setup all links to subdomains as yourdomain.com/sub or sub.yourdomain.com.

Watch a video tutorial on how-to set up a sub domain.
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